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FXAS21002 and FXLC95000

Question asked by Vitaliy Siplichuk on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Sunny tan

I have a problem with gyroscope. I use FXLC95000 ISF1, MAG3110, FXMS3110, MPL3115, FXAS21002.
All sensors work perfectly except FXAS21002.

Schematic of FXAS21002 connection to FXLC9500 is in attachments. Only one detail: where is FXAS21002 instead FXAS21000.

I use FXAS21002C sensor adapter that Margaret Nadworny gave to me.
Settings of my sensor adapter:
{&fsl_fxas21002_i2cspi_3D_gyro_adapter,    NULL, &fxas21002SpecificSettings,  I2C_MASTER1,  0x20}

I use address 0x20 because SA0=0 in my schematic(connected to GND).

FXLC9500 send write command to each sensor to get information what sensors are present on the I2C bus. All sensors send ACK for their addresses except FXAS 21002.

If you look at logic analyzer data you will see that FXLC95000 doesn't even try to ask WHO_AM_I answer because it gets NACK for first Write 0x40 command and doesn't do anything with gyroscope anymore.


Maybe where are some delays to start gyroscope or some starting procedures or commands sequences?

I'm desperate... How to make it works?

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