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linux image generation for customized board

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by gusarambula


we are working on i.mx6 customized board which has just come after assembly. we were trying to port OS into it by deploying the SD card image, Uboot etc as explained in the Yocto project.

but when we are powering on the board by putting sd card into the board. nothing is appearing on the monitor which is connected to board through HDMI.


in order to check the correctness and validate our design, we also got evaluation board wandboard quad, for which we have deployed respective image to sd card and powered on the board by putting sd card. then display is coming on the monitor.


So, this has confirmed that we are missing something in our board. while designing the board we taken the references from wand board but to customize the board we have taken only one micro SD card and applied the signalsof sd card to sd1 signal inputs of imx6 processor.(but in case of wand-board they are applied to the sd3 signals of processor)


So, the signals they are applied in evaluation board is different from those of signals in our customized board.


Now, i think we have to built the image files(ubuntu or android etc..) from scratch for this board. How can i do this????


the pin configuration of wand board (schematics provided) is different from what we have taken for consideration (only minor modifications). Now how can we build specific image files those suits our board.


is there any procedure to do that??? i think we have get the source files for ubuntu or android and then do the editing and then build right. and it may also involve some more steps.


Please help us...