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NVIC Definition

Question asked by Edriano Araujo on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hello all.


I am creating a project without PE or KSDK.

Just created a project to KL25 Microcontroller and start to code.

now i am trying to configure the NVIC and what i could see is that there is no reference to it

in the MKL25z4.h rev 2.5.  I am using the KDS 3.0 but when i create a project with pe they are using rev 1.8 and there it is all the definitions.

If it is not a bug do i have to define everything from scratch?


**     Reference manual:    KL25P80M48SF0RM, Rev.3, Sep 2012

**     Version:             rev. 2.5, 2015-02-19

**     Build:               b150220