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i.Mx6q dual display gles and egl

Question asked by jie jia on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by ranshalit

I can output  QT app to LVDS and HDMI. Now, I want to run dual-display gles1.1+egl (LVDS + HDMI) on an i.MX6q SabreSD.  I used the GLES1.1 example from vgu.tar, and the graphics is output to /dev/fb0(HDMI). But i can't make the graphics output to /dev/fb2(LVDS).


I try to do as follow,but no graphics is displayed on /dev/fb2. The graphics still output to /dev/fb0:

EGLNativeDisplayType   native_display  = fbGetDisplayByIndex(fbnum); // fbnum is an integer for /dev/fb2 fbnum = 2.


So how can we bind egl surface to a particular framebuffer?