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MAG3110 x, y, z values change significantly when moving only few cm from calibrated position. Is there a way to compensate this?

Question asked by Justin Kim on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Joshevelle

Hello everyone,


I am currently playing around with the MAG3110 and developing e-compass and I run into a problem where if I move few cm away from the position where I got my first values of max and min x, y, z readings, the max and min values change significantly in the new positions. So, after I calibrate MAG3110, I get very different angle values when I move the MAG3110 to different positions but keeping the same orientation. If I rotate the orientation on the same position where I calibrated (where I got the max and min values of x, y, z), the angle works perfectly.


The MAG3110 is flat on the x-y plane and no tilt occurs.


Here is the pseudo code for what I do after I get the x_max, x_min, y_max, y_min:





     ctrl_reg2 = 0x80; // autoreset

     ctrl_reg1 = 0x01; // active mode





   x_scaled = (getX() - ((xmax + xmin) / 2)) * (1.0 / (xmax - xmin))

   y_scaled = (getY() - ((ymax + ymin) / 2)) * (1.0 / (ymax - ymin))


   heading = atan2(-y_scaled, x_scaled);


   if (heading < 0)

      heading += 2 * PI;

   return heading * 180 / PI;





Thank you for your help!