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PF0100 VDDOTP Voltage

Question asked by Durmuş Kurtuluş on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales

Can someone please clarify what the voltage VDDOTP should be for programming PF0100 and PF0100A?


Datasheet Rev. 9.0, 7/2014, Page 26 says:

Programming the fuses requires an 8.25 V, 100 mA supply powering

the VDDOTP pin, bypassed with 10 to 20 F of capacitance


AN4536 MMPF0100 OTP Programming Instructions, Page 28 says:

An 9.5 V/9.25 V, 100 mA power supply at VDDOTP bypassed by 2 x 10 μF capacitors.

The voltage depends on the silicon revision used. See section OTP Programming Example for details.


Same document Page 5, section OTP Programming Example says:

Turn ON 9.5 V supply for PF0100A. Turn ON 9.0 V supply for PF0100.


I'm pretty sure I've also seen a 8.5V somewhere, but can't find it now.

I did program PF0100A parts using 8.5V, but still...


So we have 8.25V, 8.5V, 9.0V, 9.25V and 9.5V. What value should be used with either parts?

Or does it matter too much? What is the acceptable tolerance?


Thank you very much.