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I need some information about the USB Dongle compatibility with 64 bits Win7

Question asked by Alejandro Moscat on Jun 23, 2015
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My company has recently decided to upgrade the Codewarrior IDE we use, because our code is becoming biger than 32KB C lines.


We work with HCS12X microcontrollers, I usually program in a desktop computer, but when I have to work outside the office I use a laptop.


I think that I need a CodeWarrior v5.1 Basic IDE and Node Locked License, because sometimes I have to work Offline.


Also I would like to buy a USB Dongle to share the CodeWarrior License with the 2 computers that I use, but both of them use 64 bits Win 7. I have read that USB Dongle are not compatible with 64 bits Win 7 for Classic IDE, like the one I need, and my doubts are, is my conclusion correct or are there any driver compatible for the Dongle with Win 7? are there any other solution for sharing a Node-locked license between 2 PCs?


Thanks for your help!