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LS1021A-IOT u-boot rebuild with Yocto Project

Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Adrian Stoica

I'm following below command to rebuild u-boot


4. Rebuild u-boot

   $ bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot-ls1

   $ bitbake -c patch u-boot-ls1

   $ bitbake -c compile u-boot-ls1

   $ bitbake u-boot-ls1


first time, it's ok but after build, i modify and rebuild many times.


then modified files are not effective. so i have to command "bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot-ls1".


then modified files are deleted.... so i'm doing backup files and merge again after clean / patch.


how should i rebuild many times.....?


or to build u-boot with yocto project, should i clean every time?