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P2041RDB-PC USB Boot Kernel Panic

Question asked by Gopi Krishnan on Jun 23, 2015

I was trying to boot my entire system from USB Flash disk. Installed SDK QorIQ-




I built image for P2041RDB using



$ bitbake fsl-image-full



Under tmp/deploy/images/p2041rdb/

I copied

1) uImage--3.12-r0-p2041rdb-20150623072158.bin -> /flash_disk/uImage.bin

2) uImage--3.12-r0-p2041rdb-20150623072158.dtb -> /flash_disk/uImage.dtb

3) Extracted fsl-image-full-p2041rdb.tar.gz -> /flash_disk/



On u-boot of P2041RDB-PC board



=> usb start

=> fatload usb 0:0 $loadaddr img/uImage.bin

=> fatload usb 0:0 $fdtaddr img/uImage.dtb

=> setenv usbboot setenv bootargs root=/dev/sdb rw rootdelay=5

console=$consoledev,$baudrate $othbootargs;bootm $loadaddr - $fdtaddr

=> run usbboot



But endup with kernel painc error Attachment: "err_in_boot.txt"



Please note that, I tried both root=/dev/sdb and root=/dev/sdb1. The flash disk is not partitioned. So probably root=/dev/sdb would be correct. and the disk was formatted using vFAT filesystem Please correct If I was wrong.



Thanks in Advance,


Gopi Krishnan S

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