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How to use FSL stack 4.1.1 usb host cdc demo

Question asked by 坤 凌 on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Carl Norman



I maked a project to work as a usb host base on FSL USB stack 4.1.1 USB host cdc demo,I want to use it to control a usb customer's define device. 

when it power up,connect the usb device to host,it can be enumerated.and it has 3 interface,each interface has a bulk-in and bulk-out pipe.


But when i use the host api by step according the Using API(described in USBHOSTAPIRM.pdf  page11), i found _usb_host_send_data()/ _usb_host_recv_data()

function's return is OK,the host can not receive any data from device, normally, the device will send out a response after it receive a data from host.


I don't know what i do is right or not? and i have no other method to find out whether the device can not receive data from host or the host can not receive data from device. .

does any body have a good idea?