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Video file playing via webkit in IMX6 board with freescale Yocto BSP

Question asked by dinesh kumar on Jun 23, 2015

I am using the IMx6 Board , software package is Linux-Yocto provided by Freescale . My Qtwebkit version is 5.2.1.

gstreamer-0.10 via webkit doesn't play video, but via gst-launch commands plays properly.


I have tried the suggestion given link but still not able to play the video.




Is it any workaround is avaialble for this issue ? . I need to play the video file via webkit. I have attached my .bb and .inc files , which i am using.


1. Open any browser using the Web Kit Framework (sample browser in QT5 examples). 2. Creata an HTML file which uses the video tag option to invoke local video files. 3. Run the HTML using the browser

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