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Internal 3P0-LDO for USB

Question asked by Sebastian Waldraff on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by jiri-b36968



We have a custom board (SVF512R3K1) where only USB0 is connected and USB1 is not used.

After enabling the internal 3P0-LDO the software hangs, cause there is a loop which waits until the flag OK_VDD3P0 in reg ANADIG_REG_3P0 is set, which never happens.

I have done some tests with different settings (ENABLE_ILIMIT, ENABLE_BO, REG_3P0_VBUS_SEL, ..) in this register without success.


I have done some tests using the TWR-Board and I only get a working 3P0-LDO when USB1_VBUS is connected to 5V and either USB0_VBUS_DETECT or USB1_VBUS_DETECT

is also connected to 5V. It seems that the 3P0-LDO can only be supplied by USB1_VBUS and not by USB0_VBUS.


Can anybody confirm this ?