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The best way to change the contrast of an image

Question asked by Ali Sarlak on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by igorpadykov


I work with IMX6 and I want to change the contrast of an image and then show it.In this case I decide to change each RGB pixel into HSI (in order to keep hue and saturation)then change the intensity and after that convert back HSI to RGB.As you know it's a time consuming task so in my idea I have three way to do that:

1- Use simple loop that consume CPU cycles and it's done in a serial matter

2- Use of multithreading and divide image into 4 parts according to 4 IMX6 CPU and do that each parts with each cores

3- Use OpenCL

4- something else that I didn't know


Of course the performance is so important for me so what is the best way to do that?