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MMPF0100 Eval Board not being detected by the PC with either GUI Rev 3 or 4

Question asked by michael bazarov on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by michael bazarov

Recently purchased the KIT PF0100EPEVBE and can't seem to get a PC to detect the board. I found a PF series programmer user guide that calls out some drivers I think I might need from NI but I can't find them on NI's website. I also noticed that the 1.5k pull-up resistors on the USB + and - lines are DNPs. Thought about just populating one so it could negotiate speed and work from there but I don't want to damage the board if that's not the obstacle. I figured this would be a plug-n-play exercise but it now seems more involved. Any help or advice would be appreciated...


Also, the Eval Board Manual has schematics and board drawings for a different rev board it seems. It looks like some of the 0 Ohm resistor jumpers have been replaced with header jumpers and some connectors (J30 for example) don't even exist on the eval board we have here. Are there some updated drawings somewhere that I couldn't find?