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HCS12 & FreeRTOS using Processor Expert

Question asked by Ketan Kulkarni on Jun 22, 2015

I have been trying to explore FreeRTOS using Processor Expert to generate code. I am new to both. And I am truly amazed by the features that Processor Expert offers!

I have followed the instructions as per the Tutorial at   the only change being, I am using MC9S12DG256CPV controller and some changes to the LED pin configuration.

I have configured the TickCntr to 10ms and the FreeRTOS tick rate to 100 Hz and have SWI selected for the software interrupt. I had to disable the "Reset" method for FreeRTOS TickCntr since it was not supported by the MCU.


But when I try to generate code, it gives me Internal errors in FreeRTOS.ts2

I have downloaded the latest (Components PEupd files from SourceForge and updated my Codewarrior. I am using the free CW version 5.9.0

I am attaching my project for reference. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate all the help!

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