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Yocto remove package

Question asked by LPs on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Kumar V

Hi all,

  I'm quite new using Yocto. I'm working with I.mx6sx on a SABRE SDB board.

So far I define my new layer and a new machine type.

I started my image form fsl-image-qt5 and I' trying to reduce the output of this image to fit my requirements.


I already trimmed that image to 256 MB and now I'm trying to disable some package that are not important for me, eg: alsa, ca-certificates, gstreamer...


Taking, for instance, the ca-certificates, what I have to do to disable the install of ca-certificates into my filesystem?

I tryed:

- create a bbappend file of glib-networking and define: PACKAGECONFIG = " gnutls", PACKAGECONFIG_append = " --without-ca-certificates"

- add PACKAGECONFIG_append = " --without-ca-certificates" to my new image .bb file.


No one of those solution works: ca-certificates still installed in /usr/share/ca-certificates


Same thing for Qt5 examples: how can remove all examples fro  my rootFS?