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mfgtool2 eMMC flashing

Question asked by Ritesh Panchal on Jun 20, 2015

I am using imx6qsabresd board. And using yocto v3.

I want to flash image created using bitbake into eMMC of the board.

I refered iMX6 linux user guide. But i am unable to understand.


Please find default cfg.ini and ucl2.xml files.

And if i change the LIST  name=eMMC in cfg.ini and try to open mfgtool2.exe i got error "Iitialize operation failed error code-4".

so what's the problem?



1. What's the correct settings for cfg.ini & ucl2.xml for eMMC

2. how to run mfgtool2?

3. what should be the Switch setting of SW6 for flashing?

4. how to add my .ext3 image file?

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