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Questions about GStreamer and IPU Video Capture

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Steve Anderson

I am pretty sure this is most appropriately an iMX6 question than a GStreamer question, so I chose this forum...


I am porting software to Yocto FIDO to get the most recent bugfixes (and bugs) from all the related software.

My board is a custom System On Module using an iMX6q.


I am using the parallel capture interface CSI0 with a GS2960, which produces YUYV video (AKA YUY2, V422, YUNV).

-- FROM:  IMX6DQRM Parallel Interface

CSI can work with several data formats according to SENS_DATA_FORMAT configuration.

In case the data format is YUV, the output of the CSI is always YUV444 (even if the data arrives in YUV422 format).


This seems to imply that only the electronic interface will ever see the YUYV signal, downstream will start with YUV444.


My driver goes about the details of setting up the CSI0 interface, but what format should I be telling GStreamer to deal with?

Obviously I am in the YUV colorspace, but what pixel format will GStreamer need (from the driver, from the command line)?

What format should I be reporting from the driver?

If memory is stuffed with YUV444, is that what I should report?

If so, then which fourcc format code is that? (Y444? IYU2?)

What video format should be referenced in the gstreamer command line, then?


Some guidance here would be very helpful...  Thanks...