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low voltage detection

Question asked by T tech on Jun 19, 2015
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Hello Everyone,


I am using MK60FX512VLQ12 microcontroller, CW10.6 and MQX4.1.

In our project we are using nandflash, usb, sd card, GPRS etc. Important data we are storing in nandflash and whenever required we are reading that data from nandflash and doing process as per requirement.Sometimes (3-4 times) we observed that due to some power issue nandflash is erased or corrupted, i.e whatever data we stored in nandflash is got erased even though after storing any data to nandflash we are closing and reopening it to store data successfully.

We decided to use low voltage detection here,and have done all changes in BSP for LVD interrupt, so that whenever low voltage is detected we will close nandflash.

but we are facing problem that if I used below code




     printf("hello world\n");







then I observed that everytime interrupt is occured for LVD (I have written printf statement there for checking as "LVW")

but if we added some process in while loop then rarely interrupt occured for LVD (printf statement written for LVD came only once or twice if tested for 10-20 times).


Please help me how to detect LVD in this case.