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MPC 8548 can be configured as PCI RC or PCIe EP. I want EP to EP communication. Is it supported? Now if I want to excercise EP to EP communication, what are the various configuration I need to do for this?

Question asked by Sheetal Purohit on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Sheetal Purohit

I have a customised board with MPC 8548. I would make a set up for EP -EP communication using these boards. For this I am using one board in which processor is configured as RC. Also the same board has one end point device ( not processor). Now on other board, I configure processor as EP. I want Processor on second board ( configured as EP) to access memory/registers of EP device of 1st board.

First thing which I want to confirm - the support for Peer to Peer communication. Another important thing which I understand is memory translation using outbound and inbound windows.

Do i need to look at any other configuration regarding processor. Please suggest if I have missed anything.