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how to use AUDMUX on esai audio codec

Question asked by steven shi on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by igorpadykov

hi Freescale:

     our board designed base on SDB, Android OS is 4.4.2.

     our audio codec is ad1937, it like CS42888,  and we use esai interface,  now all function normal work, it can play music, and it also can play music over bluetooth headset.

     we are have new request. our board will connect bt module(it have wifi/bt/fm function) , BT_UART connect UART5_XXX, BT_PCM will connect AUD5_XXX, please check attachment,

     when we use bluetooth headset, android use A2DP profile, over UART_XXX, it work normally, we have no problem. but how to use AUD5_XXX function? i have no any idea. i have check SDB EVB, it use wm8962, ssi interface and aud3(we are esai interface and aud5)

     i have some question

     1. how to check AUD5 has worked on our board

     2. how to use AUD5 function, all the reference code is ssi audio codec + aud, but our board is esai codec + aud

     please give me some suggestions, thank you


i have check the AI Board code and schematic, it bluetooth module has use AUD_xxx and uart_xxx,  but in .h code, GPIO config is not config AUD, only config uartxxx


i add the imx_audmux_config(plat_data->src_port, plat_data->ext_port); to our codec code, i think it maybe not correct, have any reference??

i found freescale audio Architecture, esai codec enable ESAI, ssi codec enable SSI, how to enable SSI in our esai codec?