USB08 eval board problems

Discussion created by ROB LUND on Nov 29, 2007
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Hello all, I'm having some very basic issues with my USB08 board.  Here's the sample code I'm trying to get working:

  LED1_DDR = 1;  LED2_DDR = 1;  LED3_DDR = 1;  BUTTON1_DDR = 0;  BUTTON2_DDR = 0;  BUTTON3_DDR = 0;  POCR_PAP = 1;     // turn on Port A pullups  LED1 = ON;  Delay(0x1000);  LED1 = OFF;  LED2 = ON;  Delay(0x1000);  LED2 = OFF;    LED3 = ON;  Delay(0x1000);  LED3 = OFF;  for (;;)  // main loop  {    if (BUTTON1 == CLOSE)   // mode switch depressed—    {      button1_flag = 1;           // button1 successfully pressed      LED1 = ON;    }    else    {      button1_flag = 0;           // button1 successfully released      LED1 = OFF;    }    if (BUTTON2 == CLOSE)   // mode switch depressed–    {      button2_flag = 1;           // button2 successfully pressed      LED2 = ON;    }    else    {      button2_flag = 0;           // button2 successfully released      LED2 = OFF;    }    if (BUTTON3 == CLOSE)   // mode switch depressed˜    {      button3_flag = 1;           // button3 successfully pressed      LED3 = ON;    }    else    {      button3_flag = 0;           // button3 successfully released      LED3 = OFF;    }  } // end for() loop

I define the buttons and LEDs as such:
#define BUTTON1         PTA_PTA4#define BUTTON2         PTA_PTA5#define BUTTON3         PTA_PTA6#define BUTTON1_DDR     DDRA_DDRA4#define BUTTON2_DDR     DDRA_DDRA5#define BUTTON3_DDR     DDRA_DDRA6

#define LED1      PTD_PTD0
#define LED2      PTD_PTD1
#define LED3      PTD_PTD2

#define LED1_DDR  DDRD_DDRD0
#define LED2_DDR  DDRD_DDRD1
#define LED3_DDR  DDRD_DDRD2

 What I'm seeing is that none of the LEDs are working on this board.  I have sample code from the manufacturer that does in fact work, so I know the board is good.  I can program the board with their code and with mine, so that's not an issue.

Also, I can confirm that the Port A pullup register code isn't working.  If I look at the first switch port bit, PTA4 on the scope, it's floating low.  If I hook up my own external pullup resistor, I can see the switch S1 work as expected.  Yet, my LEDs are illuminating.

I have a working clock at OSC2.

It's like this code isn't compiling right.  Any thoughts?