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initial_boot_params is causing Kernel Freeze in 3.14.28 Kernel

Question asked by Dilshad Alam on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by igorpadykov

Trying to Bring up Kernel from Git repo.


In start_kernel  -> setup_arch -> setup_machine_fdt:-> of_flat_dt_match_machine -> of_get_flat_dt_root

unsigned long p = ((unsigned long)initial_boot_params) + be32_to_cpu(initial_boot_params->off_dt_struct);  // Accessing initial_boot_params was causing Kernel to Freeze because in new Kernel initial_boot_params was not getting Initialized.

To fix this issue I Ported drivers/of/fdt.c and arch/arm/kernel/devtree.c from working 3.10 kernel. Now Kernel is booting till

[ 0.000000] Memory: 252116K/262144K available (3975K kernel code, 303K rwdata, 1452K rodata, 317K init, 502K bss, 10028K reserved)


Could you please suggest if any patch I am missing for Device tree support in 3.14.28 Kernel