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Using of ZMK on IMX6 board

Question asked by Vikas Sharma on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Yuri Muhin

We want to use to software programming method to write some value to ZMK. And want to read the same from software program i-e using c language.


Is it possible to get the sample program which will do the same?


While going through the document i got this information:


The ZMK can be reprogrammed. However, there are things the customer needs to be aware of:


  1. 1. If they use the software programming method, they can write the same value to ZMK before it was zeroed out. This allows them to recover the device completely after the security event.
  2. 2. If they use the hardware programming method, they can still write a new ZMK, but they won’t be able to decrypt any blobs that were encrypted before the security event. The CAAM hardware will generate a new ZMK and will optionally combine it with the OTPMK.
  3. 3. They need to make sure the write lock is unlocked for the ZMK register. This can be done via HAB’s SNVS region by setting the ZMK WRITE feature.