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Can someone tell me how to generate USBDM compatible .s19 files using Codewarrior?  (It used to work but no longer does).

Question asked by Mark Kastner on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by pgo

We used to be able to generate .s19 files that were compatible with a USBDM programmer using Codewarrior.  For some reason, it was necessary to change the DFLASHstart address in the include file ( from $00010400 to $00000400 in order for the resulting files to work with the USBDM programmer.  Recently, however, this stopped working.  Now it is necessary to make this address change to the include file in order to program using Codewarrior and a P&E multilink programmer (this was previously unnecessary).  The bigger problem is that there is no longer any way to generate .s19 files that will work with the USBDM (whether the address change is made in the include file or not).


The problem may have to do with an updated version of Codewarrior, but we are not sure.  Freescale doesn't seem to be able to help solve the problem.


I am very desperate to solve this problem; any help would be very much appreciated!