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Migrating from V6 IDE to V10 w/Eclipse

Question asked by Kevin Sargent on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by Pascal Irrle

I've been using CW_V6 over 10 years and gotten Way comfy with it.

I write only in assembler, usually absolute, no "processor wizard" or C code.

New chips, new IDE... this V10 Eclipse version is chewing me into sausage.

All kinds of "I know what I want to do, now where did they put it? (or can I not do it at all??)"


Little stuff like saving a debug config of memory window start address also window size, position etc.

Or, single stepping into a "feed_watchdog" terminates the session (I'm using a PA4 for this 1st time).

<That may be the Watchdog going reset on timeout between 1st & 2nd unlock values> (A guess)


Is there a tutorial or weaning guide for us geezers to which a learning curve steeper than train tracks is trouble?

I'd prefer staying in the V6 IDE, but dumbing down V10 Eclipse to my level would suffice.

The newest chips have features worth the effort to learn V10 (ergo the post)... Thanks in advance, K.Sargent