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MPR121 Auto-configuration too slow.  Any other options?

Question asked by Felix Turgeon on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by Felix Turgeon

Hello all,


We are trying to use the MPR121 in our next iteration of a product.  Unfortunately the auto-configuration is much too slow (>10 seconds of wait time) to make this touch controller usable.  It almost seems like every zone must be pressed for the auto-configuration to complete, and all zones are not usable until the auto-configuration finishes.


I tried to set the registers manually based on the result of a successful automatic configuration but the chip doesn't seem to allow me to set the CDCx and CDTx registers.  The values do not seem to change.


Does anyone have a default configuration to use that does not rely on the auto-configuration.  Currently all my attempts at configuring the controller manually have not worked.