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How can I emulate HDMI hotplug

Question asked by malik cisse on Jun 17, 2015
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My company has developed a custom base board based on SECO uQ7 I.MX6 CPU.

Le problem is that HDMI TMDS pins have been connected to an FPGA whereas E-DDC pins have been connected to an HDMI output connector.

Now we want to output i.MX6 HDMI (to the FPGA) even if no monitor is connected (thus hotplug remains 0: off).

Is there a way to emulate the attachment and detachment of the “HDMI display” via software?

in kernel/driver/video/mxc_hdmi.c, there is a function names "mxc_hdmi_hotplug( )" which will execute when user plug in/out HDMI cable but I don't know the underlying interrupt mechanism that triggers this function.

Also how can I submit dummy E-DDC to the i.MX6?


Thank you