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Kinetis MK10 using external oscillator and PE

Question asked by Juan Fortuny on Jun 17, 2015
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I am migrating form Colfire V1 to Kinetis K10 MCU, as I had in Colfire I have problem using UART at speeds over 9600 bps using the internal oscillator and FLL that is why I am using an external programmable Oscillator at 47.9232 Mhz so I get exact speeds at 115200, 38400 and 9600 bps.


Using the Kinetis Design Studio 3.0  I tried many times to enable the external Oscillator.


First I enable tho option "RTC Oscillator" and the frequency is "47.9232 MHz" and the capacitor load "0pF", I made this in the CPU Clock Settings.


Then in "Clock Sources Settings"in the "Clock source settings0" in "External reference clock" I select "RTC Oscillator" and the frequencies set to 47.9232 MHz.


Then in "MCG Settings" in "MCG mode" always when I choose something different than "FEI" I get the following errors ;


ERROR: Unexpected status of script: Drivers\Common\SetReg8.prg, please contact Freescale support.


ERROR: Unexpected status of script: Drivers\Kinetis\Kinetis_MCG.prg, please contact Freescale support.


I adjust the settings in "Clock configurations" so I don't have any other errors, also adjust the components that give errors after changing the frequency like IIC module, RTI module but I get the errors, I see a red X in the CPU but none of the settings inside the CPU have errors.


Finally when I want to generate code I get this error "The Processor Expert project MyProject was NOT generated because of some errors. See the Problems view for more details.


Many thanks for your help