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imx6 board bringup

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by Wilson Hung


We have got a custom designed i.mx6 board which we are powering on for the first time.


We are following yocto training document (Yocto Training - HOME - to get the board boot from SD card.


We have deployed sd card image to sd card and put the card into the slot available on the board, then powering on( we have connected board to monitor through HDMI). But nothing is displayed on the monitor and monitor is going to sleep.



We have the following queries and we think those may be the problems due to which we are not getting any display:


1. in the task#2 of yocto training, we should edit the machine name based on our board. if our board is custom made board which soc (MC IMX6D5EYM10AC SB FT1440)  and we followed both wand and sabrelite reference designs. then how to add custom designed board configuration and how create dtb file and add it to build.


this yocto training ihasn't specifying any thing on custom designed boards, dtb and adding it to build.


2. in the task#4, it is mentioned that we can deploy either .sdcard (sd card image) or file or rootfs file or only the uboot file.


we have tried with all the options, still then nothing is coming in display.



and also, it is specified that we need to change the environment variables for uboot (which in out case is u-boot-imx6qsabresd-v2013.10-r0.imx). it is nowhere specified that how we can set environment variables for u-boot file.


We are new to i.mx6 processors and yocto training and u-boot). Please help us in sorting out the problems and get the display from the board.