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Verify OS using HAB API for i.MX28

Question asked by gary lee on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Hi all,


I have used CST tool to sign my OS binary file(nk.nb0), and used elftosb.exe tool to generate the SB file(

Now,I want to used the "authenticate_image" HAB API to verify my signed OS(sb file) in Eboot, but some parameters of "authenticate_image", I don't know how to assign.


authenticate_image(uint8_t cid, ptrdiff_t ivt_offset, void **start, size_t *bytes,hab_loader_callback_f loader)


cid ---- Type of target(memory or peripheral)        <---- I have set to "1"

ivt_offset ---- Address of target region   <--- I know this is the IVT offset in my signed file.I have assigned  ivt_addr in .bd file as below.So I can't ensure whether I should assign ivt_offset  to "0x8000" in my code.

/////////////bd file/////////////////////////////////

options {

    driveTag = 0x00;

    flags = 0x01;



constants {

    nk_addr = 0x40200000;

    hab_addr = 0xA000;

    ivt_addr = 0x8000;




sources {

    nk = "nk.nb0";

    hab_nk = "nk_hab_data";




section (0) {

    load nk > nk_addr;

    load hab_nk > hab_addr;

    load ivt (entry = nk_addr,csf = hab_addr) > ivt_addr;

    hab call ivt_addr;



start --- Initial image load address on entry  <---- It's the memory address(0x40200000), right?

bytes --- Initial image size on entry  <---- It's the total size of  my signed OS, right?

loader --- callback function  <---- NULL



Thanks for your time and assistance.