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How to Add Cloned BSP to List in CodeWarrior New Project Wizard in MQX 4.2 OR How To Use Cloned BSP?

Question asked by dmitriyc on Jun 16, 2015
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I am using CodeWarrior 10.6build140329 and MQX 4.2 on 64-bit WIN7.


I just cloned a BSP (TWRK60F120M) using the BSP cloning wizard and exported the source tree to a non-default directory.


I followed the directions in the beginning of the BSP cloning guide for 4.2, and referenced the BSP Cloning Utility's help file.


For reference, I have read these threads on the subject:

Custom BSP with MQX 4.0.1 and CW 10.4

How to add cloned BSP to list in Codewarrior New Project Wizard


I tried to follow the directions in the above threads. However, I ran into a wall when I saw that the MWX4.2 cloning wizard (or at least the copy of it on my PC) does not generate a CodeWarriorNPW folder. I made sure that the board was added under Settings->Preferences in the BSP cloner -- it was.


Restarting CodeWarrior, I did not see the newly cloned BSP.


At this point, I decided take matters into my own hands and kludged together a REG and XML file based on previous forum posts and what already existed for the out-of-the-box BSP. Both are included as attachments in this post.


Restarting CW10.6, I saw my board listed in the new project wizard and created a new project using it.


However, on clicking build, I get the error message:

mingw32-make: *** No rule to make target `C:/Freescale/Freescale_MQX_4_2/lib/k60f120mrmssc.cw10gcc/debug/bsp/intflash.ld', needed by `explicit-dependencies'.  Stop.HelloSCC/C++ Problem


Looks like some part of the old configuration is left somewhere. Anyway, this is where I pause, hoping someone could show me an easier way to do this or some crucial workflow step that I am missing.


Secondarily, is there some document that describes how to create a new project or switch an existing project to different (for example, newly cloned) BSP?


Is it as simple is just changing a bunch of include/library/etc paths in the  project config? If so I'd say all this trying to add it to the wizard has been in vain for me if it's easier to just take the manual route. That's the next thing I will try, but I was initially hesitant to do it because I assumed the tools provided would get everything straight automagically, and doing things manually might have some unanticipated "gotchas".


NOTE/EDIT: Yes, I did not actually even import the new BSP into my workspace (duh) in the original post. I am rectifying this and will be keep on messing around with it and weeding out issues. However, my original question is still valid: What is the "correct/recommended" procedure/workflow for creating a new project with a cloned BSP (or migrating an existing project created with one of the standard BSPs)?


EDIT2: Does the BSP being cloned need to be built at least once before cloning? I did not do this either, will build the standard ones before cloning and try again.

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