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I2C EEPROM Memory with the FRDM-K22F

Discussion created by David Pfaltzgraff on Jun 16, 2015
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Following the idea of connecting I2C EEPROM memory to the Kinetis platform as outlined in KSDK I2C EEPROM Example by Jorge Gonzales, the attached is a similar implementation but using the FRDM-K22F and MQX.


I took the I2C MQX example found in C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\examples\frdmk22f\demo_apps\i2c_rtos\i2c_rtos_mqx\kds and modified it to remove the sample and slave tasks. Then I implemented what's required to interface to the EEPROM. The commands are rather simple and limit the user to a single EEPROM page. So, for generic use (memory larger than a page or non-aligned data), the user would have to modify this code. But, this should be a good start.


This has been tested using a Freemont FT24C64A chip, but should work with any of the 24C64 parts available. The code is easily modified or extended to handle other memory configurations.


I will be using this code to save/load system configuration parameters. I will also be extending the I2C implementation to handle other I2C chips on a daughter boards of my design.


Constructive input welcome.

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