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Video getting cropped

Question asked by Ramakrishna kamath on Jun 16, 2015

Video property is as follows:


  container: Quicktime

    audio: MPEG-4 AAC

    video: H.264




  Duration: 0:15:20.810000000

  Seekable: yes


      video codec: H.264 / AVC

      maximum bitrate: 3695752

      bitrate: 749856

      audio codec: MPEG-4 AAC audio

      language code: en

      datetime: "2013-07-05T14:54:42.000000+0530"

      container format: ISO MP4/M4A


If we play video using palybin, subtitle not displaying completely. Subtitle is getting cropped.


We observed, aiurdemux giving height=502 and vpudec giving height=512 and crop bottom set to 10.

So subtitle in  bottom is getting cropped.


Video is uploaded in FTP at path : /data/From_Allgo_To_FSL/video


We are using gst-fsl-plugins version 3.5.7 and gstreamer version 10.36


Result of "uname -a" is

Linux freescale 3.0.35-2154-g94689e1 #180 SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 4 15:24:49

CST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux


BSP version is 3.0.35 based customized BSP.

Board is IM6D based customized board .


This is very urgent, for a production program. SOP is very close.

Please help us analysing this ASAP.



Ramakrishna Kamath

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