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Setup i.MX6 to capture BT1120 1080 on CSI and compress it using VPU encoder

Question asked by Isaac Nickaein on Jun 16, 2015
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I looking for the configuration in which i.MX6 can capture a BT1120 1080i video on CSI parallel interface, compresses the video using VPU encoder and stream it over network.


The architecture will be :



===============      16bit data bus     =============

|             |  ====================>  |           |   H.264 stream

|    FPGA     |       pixel clock       |   i.MX6   |  ===============> { IP Network }

|             |  ====================>  |           |

===============                         =============


I have a few questions about this application:


  1. Is the selected camera interface (BT1220 16bit in 1080i resolution) currently supported by the BSP kernel 3.10? How about the 20bit interface?
  2. How I can configure i.MX6 to perform on-the-fly compression of incoming video (without a high cpu usage)?
  3. Is there any any reference code/documentation on configuring the CSI to capture video in this format? There are several discussions on the Community, each one proposing some configurations, but they are not thorough and even conflicting.
  4. Is the on-the-fly compression supported for both 1080i and 1080p inputs? Besides CSI0_SENS_PRTCL, what should be altered to switch between these modes?