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TWR-KL25Z48M Hard fault

Question asked by Ken Armitage on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hi there


I'm developing an application under MQX4.1 CW10.6 running on a TWR-KL25Z48M board. I'm using MQXLite and the PE wizard to create a new project.


I add ConsoleIO console and then try to use the _time_delay_ticks() method to insert a delay.


The UART channel I'm using is UART1.


When I run the code, the first call to _time_delay_ticks() works, but the second - which follows a call to the UART throws an exception and a HardFault.



The printf call is to a display using a serial port connected to the MCU. I tried a different UART channel but the results were the same.


It seems that the call to the serial channel is generating an unexpected exception that is effecting the _time_delay_ticks() method.


Has anyone seen a similar problem....?