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Zigbee/IEEE802.15.4   MC13192evb code development Asp_GetTimeReq(zbClock24_t *time)

Discussion created by sebastiano sindoni on Nov 28, 2007
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Zigbee/IEEE802.15.4   MC13192evb code development

In the 802.15.4 MAC/PHY SoftwareReference Manual (802154MPSRM.pdf)

I read :

5.3.1void Asp_GetTimeReq(zbClock24_t *time)

This function requests the current value of the transceiver internal event timer.

The time pointer points to a 3 byte array where the value of the transceiver’s internal 24 bit event timer will be copied. The current value of the internal event timer (0x000000 to 0xFFFFFF) is a little endian byte array. The function does not return any value because the call is always successful.

What are the granularity and resolution of the current time returned with *time?