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Unable to determine movie duration while doing RTSP play

Question asked by 智峰 宋 on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by baokang huang



While using rtspsrc to play video stream (TS formatted movie), the application is failed to get the movie duration, so the movie can be seen but can't do forward / backward play or do actual timestamp seek. The failure shoud not be related to the RTSP server or the movie itself, because VLC can play it well.


The following command is used for the play:


rtspsrc location=rtsp:// buffer -mode=0 ! queue ! rtpmp2tdepay ! aiurdemux name=d d. ! queue ! vpudec low-latency=true ! queue ! mfw_v4lsink axis-left=400 axis-top=0 disp-width=640 disp-height=480 sync=true d. ! queue ! ffdec_ac3 ! alsasink sync=true


The log shows this is a live stream, and not seekable, as below:


Aiur: 3.0.11

Core: BLN_MAD-MMLAYER_MPG2PARSER_04.04.19  build on Jan 20 2014 02:03:56

  mime: video/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)[1,2]; video/mpegts, systemstream=true; video/x-cdxa

  file: /usr/lib/imx-mm/parser/

[0m/GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAiurDemux:demux.GstPad:sink: caps = video/mpegts, packetsize=(int)188, systemstream=(boolean)true

[1;34mContent Info:

[0m [1;34m   Seekable  : No

[0m [1;34m    Size(byte): -1


[0mMpeg2CreateParser:parser created successfully

[1;34mMovie Info:

[0m [1;34m    Seekable  : No

[0m [1;34m    Live      : Yes

[0m [1;34m    Duration  : 0:00:00.000000000

[0m [1;34m    ReadMode  : File

[0m [1;34m    programs    : 1

[0m [1;34m    Track     : 2


[0m [1;34mTrack 00 [video_001100] Enabled

[0m [1;34m    ppid: 1, ppid 256

[0m [1;34m    Duration: 0:00:00.000000000

[0m [1;34m    Language: und

[0m [1;34m    Mime:

[0m [1;34m          video/x-h264, parsed=(boolean)true, width=(int)352, height=(int)288, framerate=(

[0m [1;34m          fraction)30/1

[0m [1;34mTrack 01 [audio_001101] Enabled

[0m [1;34m    ppid: 1, ppid 257

[0m [1;34m    Duration: 0:00:00.000000000

[0m [1;34m    Language: und

[0m [1;34m    Mime:

[0m [1;34m          audio/x-ac3, channels=(int)1, rate=(int)32000, bitrate=(int)384000, framed=(bool

[0m [1;34m          ean)true

[0m[INFO]    bitstreamMode 1, chromaInterleave 1, mapType 0, tiled2LinearEnable 0


So any one has experienced the similar issue?

or knows what command can play the TS-formated video stream by using RTSP and do play backward/forward well?