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Question asked by Marco Maioli on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by lunminliang

Good morning,


I have a question about FREESCALE MPC8306_SOM.


I have the MPC830x kit, that includes:

- MPC830X carrier card

- MPC 8306 SOM Rev C

I use the CodeWarrior TAP in order to program the MPC 8306 SOM.


I have installed the codewarrior v8.8, and I have connected the TAP to PC by USB cable and I set the speed of TAP at 10MHz.

I have done a simply project in codewarrior that writes a phrase on serial (COM2).

In order to program the MPC8306, I have done the procedure that erase the flash memory with codewarrior (Tools->Flash programmer, etc..).

I tryed my program on MPC8306 SOM and it works correctly.


My problem is that sometimes I can't erase the Flash, and I can't write into it..

If I can't erase/write the flash one time, I can't do it anymore..

If I retry, I can't write or erase anymore the flash..


I tryed several attempts:

- I have restarted the MPC8306 SOM

- I have restarted the codeWarrior TAP

- I have restarted the codeWarrior

- I also rebooted the PC..


Despite attempts I cant write or erase the flash on MPC8306 SOM..


Did Someone had problems with codeWarrior TAP? And with MPC8306 SOM rev C?

How can I solve my problems of programming?


Thanks in advance,