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K70 display control with PE?

Question asked by Roland Zitzke on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Alice_Yang


Our goal is to develop a demonstration application for various SPI, I2C and UART peripherals.

We would like to use a TWR-K70F120 board with a twr-lcd module for the display

This doesn't sound to be an unusual combination since the K70 has a built-in display controller but:

As far as support for PE goes we are a bit lost.

PE supports a peripheral driver LCDC but it looks like there is no GUI library supporting this driver as a back end.

EGUI is a free library, has an example for the K70, but only for an IAR compiler - we are using Kinetis Design Studio.

The documentation for the TWR-LCD demo applications mentiones a processor expert component library to import - but I cannot find it anywhere.

There is a PEG software solution available but it is not clear to me whether or not it is necessary to actually purchase a license when using it with a Kinetis controller - the license description is somewhat contradicting. In addition it is not mentioned that this library will integrate with PE.


So the question is:

Is there any (preferably Processor expert based) support for the K70 display controller in terms of basic GUI elements?

TIA, Roland