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i.MX6Q/D Problem with 2GB DDR3 with L3.10.17 release

Question asked by Vivek Kaushik on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by igorpadykov

I have 2 custom board based on i.MX6Q/D

     1. with 2GB DDR3 (4x256mx16).

     2. with 1GB DDR3 (4x128mx16).


My uboot version is fslc_v2013.04-r0 and kernel version is 3.10.17-r0.



My uboot is booting fine on 2GB board but kernel is not starting



     1. These both images are booting fine and both the boards work very well if I use 1GB configuration for both

     2. I changed uboot for 2GB configuration board and it is booting fine and showing DRAM as 2GB but kernel is not starting

     3. With this uboot changed for 2GB configuration if I boot kernel-3.0.35, then it boots well and shows 2GB Total memory in cat /proc/meminfo


Do I need to change any thing in Kernel-3.10.17 to support 2GB RAM? I already made one change in dtsi file as

21     memory {

22         reg = <0x10000000 0x80000000>;

23     };


Any Idea what could be the issue here