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What, specifically, creates CodeWarrior Debug Configuration .launch files?

Question asked by Lisa Michaux-Smith on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Lisa Michaux-Smith

I am using the following:

- CodeWarrior 10.6 on Windows

- P&E Micro Multilink Universal FX



I have a project up and running successfully on a single laptop. I am able to launch a debug configuration and debug on the tower board.


I am keeping my project settings and ReferencedRSESystems.xml file in a source repository.  When I try to launch that project from a different laptop with the same version of CodeWarrior, I am not able to use the same debug configuration.  Clearly, the ReferencedRSESystems.xml file alone doesn't provide enough information.  I think I need a .launch file, too.  But .... the .launch files don't seem to be generated consistently when I create a new debug configuration.  Sometimes, when I set up a new debug configuration, the .launch file is generated in my project folder.  Sometimes, I have no idea where the .launch file goes (if one is created at all).  I finally have a debug configuration that I like, but no .launch file to go with it that I can move to another laptop (aka another team member).


With the first laptop, despite having no idea where the .launch file may be, I am able to launch across restarts of CodeWarrior and reboots of the laptop.


So, to sum up:

- What, specifically, generates a .launch file?

- What is the known list of places I should look for the generated file?

- If I don't need a .launch file, what other magic settings do I need to haul from one laptop to another to get the same debug configuration to launch successfully?


Resources that I have used, but don't seem to get at exactly what I'm asking:

Flashing with a Button (and a Magic Wand) | MCU on Eclipse

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