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TCP/IP ColdFire_Lite_CW6.4

Discussion created by Juan Carlos Salido Gomez on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2007 by James Williams
Hi all,
I downloaded de TCP/IP Nichelite stack and I was trying to compile and link for m5223x_evb on the Code Warrior 6.4, but there are many errors, 1002, but there are two kinds of errors:

Link Error   : Unexpected relocation R_68K_SDA32: __SDA_BASE not set
in file iuart.c
Link Error   : Illegal 16-bit small data area relative reference to symbol '_utxbytedrop'           
from address 0x0000113C in section '.text' of file 'iuart.c '.        
This type of reference has a range from 4294934528 to 32767 bytes.

I have 'mcf5223evb_iflash.lcf', which is in cpu folder project, for linking the project.

Thanks and best regards.