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Using KDS IDE 3.0, how do I work with two different families of Kinetis processors?

Question asked by Neil Porven on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Adrian Cano

Hi everyone,


I been working with the FRDM-K64 evaluation board and I also wanted to work with the FRDM-KL03Z evaluation board.

The problem I came across was that, when I tried switching to the FRDM-KL03Z I was made aware that KSDK that I was

using for the FRDM-K64 did not support that of the KL03Z.  This was weird to me, I thought to myself why isn't there a companion software

that support all Kinetis processors and have a simple check box or drop down and select the one you want to use?


Anyways, after much hunting around (I don't know why Freescale doesn't have a document for this and makes everyone life simple or better yet a small video),

I found that there is this an elaborate instruction go to the help menu go to this.... go to there.... change this......change that.... download this.....????  Bottom line,

I ended up with KSDK_1.0.0_KL03Z loaded in my SDK.  Mind you, by know I still haven't even written a single line of code and my mind is already exhausted and

I am hoping that I didn't miss a step that would be catastrophic somewhere down the line with the development.  In the mist of all this, I was asked to drop the KL03Z for a while

and go back to the K64..... great!!!! now the changes I made for the KL03Z was giving me hell with what I did for the K64!


Is there a simple way to be able to switch between one K family processor and another?  Does KDS IDE 3.0 handle this?  If someone else is going through the same pain and

has figured this out, can you please share how you took care of this issue.


Thank you.