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How to enable audio on audio jack ?

Question asked by Amit Kulkarni on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Amit Kulkarni

Hi ,

      We have custom imx6 board running with Android Jellybean. But audio is not working on 3.5mm audio jack, it only works on HDMI. according to Audio | Android Open Source Project  this site all files are at proper places except i did not find any file mentioned as


. So i checked  Android source given by Freescale for sabre board for smart devices & there also i did not find that file but audio jack works there on that board. So where is this file exactly? Also my boot log shows :

<6>ALSA device list:

<6>  #0: Dummy 1

<6>  #1: imx-hdmi-soc

why only imx-hdmi ?? Can anyone tell me where i should look exactly to get audio jack working ? What all drivers/libraries i need to compile ? Can you please tell me their locations in the source ?