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eGUI TWR-K70 Demo - Language Setting Using Chinese Characters

Question asked by Gene Goff on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by Gene Goff

I want to better understand how the eGUI TWR-K70 Demo is able to reference the Chinese characters.  My objective is to be able to add English words, for example the word "Frequency", and be able to reference the unicode and ultimately draw the Chinese character bitmap on the LCD.  I'll break this down into a few questions, and I'd be glad to mark "Correct Answer" for answers to any of these sub questions.


1) From what I understand, the first 2 bytes of unicode are the Basic Multilingual Plane which contains almost all modern languages, where about half of these codes are used to encode Chinese characters.  If this is correct, then why do the wide character arrays in strings.c which appear to contain unicodes have 6 bytes rather than 2 bytes?  Please refer me to a source document which explains this.


2) If these arrays indeed contain unicodes, then where are the actual Chinese character bitmaps, and what is the code linkage between these unicodes and the character bitmaps?


3) How can I convert an English word to the unicode for the Chinese translation?  There are many converters available, but they all seem to convert from English directly to the Chinese character and not give the unicode.


4) Is there a more complete library of the the Chinese character bitmaps?  I could use the eGUI Converter utility (which incidentally is a well-done tool) to convert individual characters but this would take quite some time.