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RTCS ipcfg, DHCP client, LLMNR, Network Address assignment, rebind, renew, link status

Question asked by pmt on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Raj Batra

MQX4.1, 4.2, IP4


I'm very familiar with the MQX DHCP functionality, including using DHCP options to register a machine name (DHCP option 12), and DHCP callbacks for lease renewals, etc.  This is somewhat involved, and I'm trying to get a handle on if the 'ipcfg' library can do some or all of what I want.  Any comments would be appreciated:


I would consider this to be the most basic network functionality (i.e. something that should be built into ipcfg):


- Bind DHCP with machine host name registration (DHCP option 12) and either (at the user option):

      - fixed static IP address fallback

      - autoip/LLMNR fallback

   if the address assignment request fails

- Monitor the link status (cable connect and disconnect, PHY sleep mode).  Retry DHCP on re-connect, even after autoIP address fallback.

- Handle DHCP lease renewal, rebind


ipcfg_task_create handles the link monitoring, but it doesn't do binding, lease renewal, etc, as far as I can tell.  The ipcfg*dhcp functions are just one time, and don't do renew, rebind.


I am also confused by the auto_ip parameter in these functions.  This is just a static address that is passed into these functions, correct?  Is doesn't refer the AutoIP (a.k.a. bonjour, zeroconf, AutoIP/mDNS) protocols, correct?


Next, do DHCP client and LLMNR play together, or is it 'either or', or do these multi-home?