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RCW/U-BOOT image where should i write or flash u-boot-ls1021aiot.bin

Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by Ho Sy Tan

there were  files in my sdcard when i get this board but no u-boot-ls1021aiot.bin


   * uImage-ls1021aiot.bin

   * uImage-ls1021a-iot.dtb

   * fsl-image-rds-ls1021aiot.ext2.gz.u-boot


where this board read  u-boot-ls1021aiot.bin? sdcard or flash memory?


i re-build u-boot file and write it to the sd-card as below

-  Rebuild u-boot

   $ bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot-ls1

   $ bitbake -c patch u-boot-ls1

   $ bitbake u-boot-ls1


And followed


* Write RCW/U-BOOT image to SD card with below command

     $ sudo dd if=u-boot-ls1021aiot.bin of=/dev/sd[x] bs=512 seek=8 conv=notrunc oflag=dsync

     Insert the SD card, Power up the board and check U-Boot output is shown on the serial terminal.

    Press a key to stop at the command prompt.


but it still boot with not re-builded u-boot-ls1021aiot.bin


should i flash RCW/U-BOOT image to flash?


then how to flash RCW/U-boot images i can not find for LS1021A-IOT


Help me plz....^^