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TWRK64 MQX 4_2 WebServer demo web_hvac_v2 is slower than in MQX 4_1_1 and generates ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT/ERR_CONNECTION RESET (Browser Chrome)

Question asked by Francesco Contin on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Francesco Contin


we need to move from MQX 4.1.1 and upgrade to a newer version of MQX:

- to resolve MFS bugs and concurrency (SD-CARD with FTP Server)

- to resolve TCP-IP RTCS socket bugs

- to enhance RTCS FTP and HTTP servers


I'm analying the two solutions:

- move from MQX 4.1.1 to MQX 4.2 (and eventually, in the future, to KSDK)

- move to KSDK 1.2



A) KSDK 1.2 demo web_hvac Test With IAR 7.40 and Tower K64, default configuration:

- works only with SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT to 1

- the lwip WebServer is "slower" than in MQX 4.1.1 with cgi


B)MQX 4.2 demo web_hvac_v2 Test With IAR 7.40 and Tower K64, default configuration:


#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_SERIAL_SHELL    1   /* enable shell task for serial console */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_SWITCH_TASK     0   /* enable button sensing task (otherwise keys are polled) */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_AUTO_LOGGING    0   /* enable logging to serial console (or USB drive) */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_USB_FILESYSTEM  0   /* enable USB mass storage */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_RTCS            1   /* enable RTCS operation */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_FTP_SERVER      0   /* enable ftp server */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_TELNET_SERVER   0   /* enable telnet server */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_WEBSERVER       1   /* enable web server */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_KLOG            0   /* enable kernel logging */

#define DEMOCFG_USE_POOLS              0   /* enable external memory pools for USB and RTCS */

#define DEMOCFG_USE_WIFI                0  /* USE WIFI Interface */


  - in project usb_v2 usbh_twrk64f120m.bat miss to copy some files (manually added to usb_v2/output...)

  - the HVAC Web Server page generates ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT/ERR_CONNECTION_RESET to Chrome Requests (Page not available/found on Microsoft Explorer)

  - sometimes (after 7 seconds up to 21 seconds) the server responds to all the the pending requests but cgi generates ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT/ERR_CONNECTION_RESET to Chrome requests



the 4.1.1 demo works well



  1) Could be a Problem with HTTPSRVCFG_SES_BUFFER_SIZE in MQX 4_2?

  2) it's better to move directly to KSDK and lwip?