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g2d report error when I set ro.sf.hwrotation 270

Question asked by Zoe Chen on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Lei Wang

Hi everyone,

     I work in i.mx6 sabresd mx6dq platform , when I set ro.sf.hwrotation to 270, the g2d will report error log such as "g2d_blit: Invalid src rect, left 0, top 0, right 768, bottom 1024, width 1024, height 768, stride 1024!" , sometimes it will effect out display like this "BufferQueue: [SurfaceView] queueBuffer: slot 2 is not owned by the client (state=3)" .


     It make me wonder, I search our code, there is no place to call the function  g2d_blit, so I can not debug it.


     Who can tell me the reason?



Zoe Chen